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Honorary Award of the Löwenherz-Stiftung

In our hectic event everyday, even smaller events should not be forgotten. On Tuesday evening journalist Ingrid Staehle received a very special and important award.

Ingrid Staehle has been campaigning for the rights of women for almost 38 years and is doing essential work with her charitable organization "Terres des Femmes".

Especially in this age, it is emphasized how important the emancipation of men and women is. In fact, one encounters in many fields on examples that contradict this. Therefore, it is all the more important to support the organizations and associations that are working hard for this problem.

The event took place in a ceremony at the Röntgen Museum in Neuwied. The hall was filled to the last seat and was perfectly staged by a brilliant branding and signage by APA pro bono in the service of the good cause.

It is an important concern of APA such clubs not only to support at this event pro bono, but to continue to appreciate this significant work. Often a simple thank you for such a commitment is not enough.

For this reason, APA has been supporting the human rights organization SOLWODI for almost 20 years, which also opposes violence against women.

We congratulate Mrs. Ingrid Staehle on this award.