New district administrator introduced in Neuwied

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Prime Minister finds words of praise

It was to take almost 25 years for a CDU man to take over again the post of district administrator in the district town of Neuwied.
Achim Hallerbach, CDU, takes over from Rainer Kaul, SPD, who enters well-deserved retirement with almost 66 years, the official business.

In Neuwied the CDU succeeded this year directly with the second "prank".
Since the city of Neuwied was newly formed in 1970, the CDU had failed to make the Lord Mayor. That changed now with Jan Einig, CDU, in September.

At the county council meeting and the subsequent ceremony in the Heimathaus Neuwied, the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer found words of praise for the official duties of Rainer Kaul. Achim Hallerbach is now expected to have a new and modern administration. The deputy CDU national chairman, Julia Klöckner, did not miss the opportunity to be personally present at Hallerbach's inauguration.

With large-scale stage branding and the promotional set-up, APA was able to put the district of Neuwied in the limelight and create a special atmosphere not only for the public officials from the federal and state governments, but also for the 450 invited guests of honor.

We wish the new District Administrator Achim Hallerbach a happy hand in the conduct of his duties.