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Today, an email from a customer made me realize once again how important articulated appreciation is and how good it does us all when people understand the tireless efforts of our team.

For this, I thank the entire APA team from the bottom of my heart.♥️👏 It fills me with pride and humility.

I often think about all the head-scratching we do at APA Brands Events Solutions, the special effort our project managers, technicians, printers or production assistants make – all of them on the team, dedicated to the success of a project.

As a matter of course, customers call on their cell phones even after 20:00, on holidays, on weekends, and our team is available, cares and that in all weathers.

Today I received the following appreciative mail from someone who should know, shortly before the start of the Special Olympics National Games.

Ben Treby, Look & Signage Manager of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 writes:

✍️ „Peter,

Thanks for your kind words, and for reaching out on the eve of the work Opening Ceremony.

I’ll let Kristen reply separately, but I’m pleased to share news from management and stakeholders and the broader team that they are all extremely happy with the standard of the Look and Signage across the project.

The compliments that come to me are really better shared with Ralf and Fabio and Thomas Vierbuchen, who have all taken good care of us; responded to the challenges that we have presented; found creative responses and delivered a very high standard of finished print and production work.

Thomas, in particular, has treated the Brand carefully and respectfully, and Ralf and Fabio and Jonas are all fantastic human beings, and are all great to work with.

Our success is a shared success, so many thanks for being part of the adventure.

All the best, Ben“

🙏 Ben for this special recognition!

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