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From #South Africa, via #Austria, #Thailand, #Lapland , #Sweden to #Tenerife the journey went thousands of kilometers through the world.

#LetsDance head judge @Joachim Llambi, singer #MaxMutzke, presenter @ArabellaKiesbauer, singer #MickieKrause, comedian #SimonGosejohann and Let’s Dance star #OanaNechiti competed against a selection of the @APA team. Since no brand placement was allowed, the APA team gave themselves the alias “The Underdogs”.

APA Team Captain @Kim Gehrmann, together with our authorized signatory @Sebastian Kunitz, Project Manager Marketing @Vivien Kluge, colleague @Kayleigh Holly and the two APA Sales & Operations Project Managers @Fabio Confourti and @Andreas Stümke, managed to beat the stars brilliantly and bring home the trophy.

Again is proven – do not mess with an APArian, because since today we know from Pro7 approved (‼️) that “APA- #TheUnbeatable” are.

Thank you – you have made us all very proud!