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Today, our CEO Peter Adelfang was able to ceremoniously congratulate one of our long-time employees, Mr. Vladislav Kreiden, on his 20-year APA affiliation. In addition to a generous anniversary cash bonus, a sparkling gift was also not to be missed.

He started as a so-called “1 Euro Jobber” at APA through a qualification measure, then qualified in 2002 through his commitment to an apprenticeship as a sign and light sign manufacturer, was then taken on in a permanent position in our digital print shop, made his instructor’s certificate to take over the complete printing area as a “Senior Operator Digital Printing” in the management function 5 years later. Chapeau!

We are looking forward to further successful years with Vladislav Kreiden!

But this is also a special honor for us, because continuity and experience in the workforce are among my highest assets.

Company anniversaries show me that APA can also take a successful journey in employee development. Already next week we will celebrate another anniversary and then a 25th employee anniversary, but more of that when the time comes.

The fact that the event industry is not an easy place to work does not stop us from breaking new ground in the future. Our new new-work concept is intended to contribute in particular to being able to continue to celebrate many employee anniversaries of longstanding employees in the years to come, as has been the case up to now. ๐Ÿš€

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