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Many people ask themselves, how do you manage to grow a company continuously for almost 40 years and at the same time see every conceivable crisis as an opportunity for further development?

Our answer 📣:

By being open to new things, constantly questioning yourself and taking your employees seriously!

With APA Brands Events Solutions, we work in a fast-paced and exciting industry.

Events equipped by us inspire an audience of millions. For our #employees, this means a commitment that cannot be taken for granted, above and beyond the normal office job.

Since the #Event industry and #NewWork do not have to be mutually exclusive, but rather one basically causes the other, we at APA would like to support this development:

✅ Flexible working time model – work when you want, for us only the result counts.

You want to work part-time?

We find solutions for this as well.

✅ Homeoffice

We do not cling to rigid 60/40 or 70/30 specifications, but want to use flexibility for both sides.

✅ Further training measures

We want to grow with our workforce and encourage targeted training.

✅ Family & Friends

Our job is hard to explain, so it’s even more important that we include family and friends and invite them to our events.

✅ Health

We care a lot about the health of our employees, so from now on we introduce the company bike and subsidize the gym. This also includes the time flexibility to be able to do this.

✅ Optimize load control Our events usually take place over a longer period of time, including weekends and holidays. In the future, we will counteract these burdens even more by balancing such workdays with days off on a 1:1 basis.

✅ Benefits

Free water/coffee/fruit or joint lunch barbecues are a matter of course for us.

“Working hard for something,

that is not close to your heart is called STRESS.

Hard to work for something,

that one loves is called PASSION.”

Or do you see it differently?