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Today, our CEO Peter Adelfang received an, as always, particularly individual and very thought-provoking #invitation to the. @Bundespresseball.

A clear statement by American journalist #StewartAlsop dominates this #invitation in large format, which we are happy to share here:

“The press must have freedom,
to say everything so that certain
People don’t have the freedom to do anything”

A clear announcement that I would like to emphatically support. Just we Germans 🇩🇪 do well to point not only correctly with fingers on China🇨🇳, Russia 🇷🇺 and such states, but should not forget also the view “before the own door”!
The Federal Press Ball sets the right signals here!

Moreover, it is THE social highlight of political #Berlin, which will be opened by #FederalPresident #FrankWalterSteinmeier at the legendary Grandhotel @Adlon.

It will be the #ballnight of the year under the motto “For the freedom of the press” – it goes without saying that @APA cannot be absent, but more about that soon.