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Imagine, more than 40 years after you did your apprenticeship, your former “Lehrherr” or trainer, as they would say today, stands in front of you and presents you with your training certificate from that time.

That’s what happened to our CEO Peter Adelfang these days.

Dr. Bernhard Reuter reminded Peter Adelfang of what he was like 44 years ago as an apprentice:


It was a very appreciative conversation, a nice togetherness and it was exciting to understand how it was – back then.
Peter Adelfang was 16 when he began his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk.
He quickly realized that if he takes care of other colleagues, this will bring him further and he can steer his training in a self-determined way.
For example, he had himself elected to the works council as a youth representative and during his apprenticeship was responsible for representing the interests of the apprentices to the management.
In return, he became a member of one of the most left-wing trade unions, IG Druck & Papier, and he himself was a member of the Junge Union.

It was a real adventure and the visit of his trainer, Dr. Bernhard Reuter, reminded Peter Adelfang of exactly this wonderful, exciting time.

However, this meeting made us aware again of what makes a good trainee:

act with curiosity
be unconventional
Step on the gas when it counts

It was a nice trip down memory lane!