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The battle for Germany’s most coveted trophy is heating up. Frankfurt vs. Berlin, Bayern vs. Freiburg, Leipzig vs. Dortmund and Nuremberg vs. Stuttgart were the remaining contenders. The first 6 teams of the Bundesliga fought in the final showdown for the places in the semifinals. The fight could not be more exciting. And next to it the “outsider duel” Stuttgart against Nuremberg. Willing second division player against tireless relegation fighter.

The first hammer was already waiting for soccer Germany on Tuesday – passionate Freiburg fought their way to a 1:2 against title favorites Bayern in the last second of stoppage time, making the sensation perfect. To that end, RB Leipzig held its nerve against Borussia Dortmund and leads the way in the upcoming semifinal as the new favorite to win the cup.

But the APA project team around project manager Nancy Bart is just as tireless as the teams. Since August, the first main round of the DFB Cup, our employees have been fighting their way through the DFB Cup with determination.

Once planning for one round is complete, side-visits and preparations for the upcoming one already begin. An absolute mammoth project for our project team, which we are tackling round by round with the greatest anticipation for the upcoming matches.