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Even for our CEO, Peter Adelfang, as a person with no affinity for soccer, although he was team captain in the D-youth almost 50 years ago (although only in the 2nd team), this Bundesliga season has generated incredible excitement!

Last Borussia Dortmund – doubts about the 9th title in the club’s history have vanished into thin air for us after the 3:0 in #Augsburg.

The belief in the #Crowning of the #Bundesliga season could have become reality and completely deserved!

81,365 fans, have turned the Dortmund stadium into a #Hexenkessel but the 1. FSV Mainz 05 e.V. has now played outstanding.

This season has taught us once again: “The final score is settled”, in case of doubt at the last minute.

Second place is not a disgrace, but a strong performance – FC Bayern München was just a little bit luckier, but #Kahn and #Salihamidzic are history. A victory sounds different!

For our CEO, this 2nd place is nevertheless a reason to let his office shine with a custom-fit APA LED FanFrame in BVB design.

By the way, the #FanFrame is also a licensed product of the BVB!

We at APA Brands Events Solutions send comforting thoughts to all BVB fans.

There is only one thing that counts now:

“Fall down, get up, fix the crown and keep playing”.

After the season is before the season – next time it will work.