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We pay tribute to our APA winter sports team for their dedicated work in wind and weather, at night and in fog, in snow and rain, over the five months during which the International Biathlon Union World Cup travels the world:

Czech Republic

In addition to the nine stages of the European World Cup, we were also able to stage the highlight of the season – the World Championships in Nové Město – for the fans on site and on TV.

This season was not only a success for the German biathletes, but it was also a time of logistical challenges for us at APA Brands Events Solutions.

For six months, our dedicated APA project managers worked meticulously towards the events and planned everything down to the smallest detail.

Our advertising materials and our APA LED banners developed especially for winter sports have covered an astonishing distance – 22,000 kilometres in total!

The greatest distance between just two stops, for example, was 2,000 kilometres, as the light boards were set up individually for each World Cup. This required a total of 350 manpower days – that’s 50 days just for the World Cup.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important that the team reacts correctly in difficult situations. They faced the following two challenges:

Short set-up times

Our crew had to set up the various locations in Europe under time pressure, as in some cases there was only a three-day break between two locations.

Smooth transport of the light strips and precise organisation are crucial here.


Unpredictable weather conditions

The unpredictable weather necessitated spontaneous changes, such as the rerouting of routes due to snow conditions, which also meant that the light boards had to be redesigned at short notice.

Thanks to careful planning and years of expertise that we have been able to apply in new situations, this biathlon season, which concludes today in Canmore, Canada, has been a complete success.


A big thank you to our APA project managers, technicians and the entire back office team for their exceptional performance! Thanks for the support and trust also to Infront Sports & Media AG and the responsible Infront colleagues, Tom Thrainer and Daniel Osterauer.

We are proud of this achievement and are looking forward to the 2024/2025 season. Because as the saying goes: “After the World Cup is before the World Cup” – and we have already started preparing for the coming season!