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What began in 2000 will continue beyond 2022 – I have been a proud trustee of Deutsche Sporthilfe for 22 years.
Day after day, sportsmen and sportswomen perform at the top of their discipline without having the same fair financial leeway as footballers, for example.

APA Brands Events Solutions in particular can more than identify with the values of the top athletes, we are at home in sports and always run the extra mile for our customers.

The annual Board of Trustees donation of €7,500 is very close to my heart, which can be used, for example, to finance more than 1,500 shuttlecocks, hundreds of leotards or dozens of javelins – every contribution does something great for the #athletes.

I became aware of these 22 years at this year’s #GoldenSportPyramid award ceremony on May 20 in Berlin, where I had the honor of being a guest.

Here, outstanding personalities were honored for sporting and entrepreneurial achievements.

This year’s #award went to the former gymnastics legend #EberhardGienger, one of the most influential figures in German gymnastics in the 1970s.
Since the awards of the last two years could not take place due to corona, the former national women’s soccer coach #SilviaNeid and the former table tennis professional and long-time Sporthilfe chairman #HansWilhelmGäb were honored retrospectively.

At the same time #InteriorSecretary #NancyFaeser held the laudation for the newly admitted members to the #HallOfFame:

#VerenaBentele, #MarianneBuggenhagen, #UschiDisl,
#HeikeHenkel und

To all award winners and new members of the “Hall of Fame” my heartfelt #congratulations – strong lifetime achievement for top-class sport.

As a branding & signage supplier, #APA provides Deutsche Sporthilfe with a fitting stage for unique commitment and special services to sport at its highlight events, such as the awarding of the “Golden Sports Pyramid” and the associated induction of important personalities into the “Hall of Fame”.

Congratulations also to the Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Sporthilfe Thomas Berlemann and Sporthilfe Executive Karsten Petry for the worthy and successful event.