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We at APA think we should finally give women’s soccer the attention it deserves.

VfL Wolfsburg’s women’s soccer team has won the DFB Cup for the eighth time in a row.

With a 4-0 win over Turbine Potsdam, coach Tommy Stroot’s team completed their sixth double and equaled the previous record of 1. FFC Frankfurt with nine cup titles.

In front of 17,531 spectators at the Rhein-Energie-Stadion in Cologne, Ewa Pajor, Jill Roord and Dominique Janssen ensured a deserved and unchallenged victory.

Turbine Potsdam must continue to wait for its first major success since the championship in 2012.

It was an honor for us at APA Brands Events Solutions to also stage this DFB Cup final in a dignified manner.

These #women have once again shown great #sport and that deserves #respect and #recognition

What’s your take – shouldn’t we give #women’sfootball more of the attention it deserves?

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