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An eventful biathlon season of the International Biathlon Union comes to an end.

The weekend saw the final showdown in the #sprint, #pursuit and #massstart disciplines for both genders. But not only for the #biathletes this day is accompanied by special emotions, because finally for our APA Brands Events Solutions winter sports team it means: “made it”!

6 months hard planning and assembly
22.500 KM across Europe
2000 linear meters mounted light bands
10 World Cups

Team leader #RalfEppert and #APA biathlon tape developer Jürgen Vater together with our APA technician team prepared the appropriate stage in #Oslo for the last time in the 2022/23 season for the grand #final.

Our APA light bands gave the final race the optimal atmosphere at the shooting range as well as in the complete course and the innovative APA video moving image start installation was a real eye-catcher.

In addition to the generally very tough assembly conditions due to the extreme cold, the permanent snowfall and the long distances, the once again shortened working hours demanded quite a bit of mental and physical strength.

Compared to other sporting events, biathlon is thus one of #APA’s toughest projects.

But we grow from our challenges and are ready to be challenged every day!

All the greater is the #ThankYou we want to express to our APA project team. Thank you for the hard work, tireless will and enduring commitment under extreme conditions!

Thanks also to Daniel Osterauer from Infront Sports & Media AG for the many years of trustful cooperation.