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It was a great pleasure to invite our APA Management Board and their spouses to the largest charity gala in Europe at the Festhalle Frankfurt.

Authorized signatory Sebastian Kunitz, Head of Sales & Operations Thomas Eich, Head of Procurement & Production Jürgen Vater and the future Head of Administration & Finance Angela Breithausen and their spouses were guests of our APA management, represented by CEO Peter Adelfang and his wife.

A special token of appreciation for years of loyalty, commitment and dedication.

Peter Adelfang himself has been a trustee of Deutsche Sporthilfe for 24 years and is an absolute fan of the Ball des Sports.

With around 1,600 guests and active athletes such as athlete of the year 2023, artistic gymnast and parallel bars world champion Lukas Dauser, the two track cycling stars Lea Sophie Friedrich and Pauline Grabosch, para-athlete and two-time Paralympic champion Johannes Floors, four-time Paralympic gold medal winner in alpine skiing Anna-Lena Forster and parkour star Jason Paul, it was once again a great event that is unparalleled in Europe.
Stars and starlets from the tabloids were there alongside top representatives from politics and business.
The fact that APA was able to contribute worthy signage and branding to create an impressive backdrop was “almost” a minor matter.
Congratulations to Thomas Berlemann, Karsten Petry and the extremely dedicated Sporthilfe team – it was a gigantic evening.