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Today I had the opportunity to chat with tournament organiser Peter Michael Reichel and tournament director Sandra Reichel about the international tennis scene and also the question of how the Hamburg European Open will continue.

Awakened from its slumber 5 years ago, the Reichels have brought this formerly renowned tournament back onto the world stage and revitalised it with great attention to detail. APA Brands Events Solutions was our sponsor for this project.

Today, this tournament is a highlight in the international tournament calendar.

WTA players and ATP Tour players enjoy the familiar, individual and yet professional care.

With the help of the Alexander Otto Sport Foundation, Sandra Reichel managed to renovate the then dilapidated tournament stadium at Rothenbaum for almost 10 million euros and restore it to its former glory.

Nevertheless, after this sensational development work, especially by Sandra Reichel, the DTB has decided to rely on a new event partner for the ATP tournament in the coming years.

Loyalty and fair play look different – but in the end, the supposedly big money was apparently the lure.
It was also a missed opportunity, because a combined tournament like this, for men and women, is a special highlight on the international tournament calendar.

That’s a pity – I personally think differently about long-term partnerships.

I have been friends with the Reichel family and their companies MatchMaker Sports GmbH and RBG Reichel Business Group GmbH for over 30 years.
I have had the honour of mentoring Sandra Reichel over the years.
It fills me with pride to see how recognised Sandra Reichel is on the world tennis stage today.

Congratulations on this successful work and for the loyalty, trust and commitment shown over 30 Jahre‼️.
Thanks also to the dedicated and friendly Reichel event team with Sabrina Watzenböck, Carla Maria Nareyka and Bianca Politzky.

I think the remaining WTA tournament at the Rothenbaum will continue to bear Reichel’s professional signature in the coming years and the gentlemen will wish they could have remained part of this success story.

Good luck for the future!