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When I took on Sebastian Kunitz as an apprentice at APA Brands Events Solutions 20 years ago TODAY, at the age of 19, I could have guessed what I was getting myself into.

  • Big flap
  • Respect for the boss ? > No way
  • Always a casual saying

At the time, I received a few complaints from our HR manager about his, to put it mildly, “rather brash demeanour”.

At the same time, however, it stood out positively:

  • Personal initiative
  • Pragmatism
  • Motivation
  • Team spirit
  • Determination

I began to observe this young man further.

I discovered traits and characteristics that reminded me of my own training and my own approach – even though I was certainly much more “reserved” than he was.

His mixture of team-orientated colleague and Rambo, for whom nothing was fast enough, made him appear somewhat unpredictable.

This appearance was deceptive!

He wanted to make a career, I quickly realised, and I could and wanted to help him with that.

I was allowed to be his mentor without being asked and accompany him as my mentee, which he only realised later.

He seized this opportunity. He paid attention, learnt and took my advice – but adapted it to his own profile.

That is why he is not a copy today, but a strong personality who has developed his own agenda.

After 20 years of accompanying him, I can say that he has mastered it excellently so far.

Today, as an authorised signatory, he is my potential successor – even if he still has a long way to go – but I’m not at the end of my road yet either.

Dear Sebastian Kunitz – Congratulations on 20 years of vigour, courage and loyalty!

Good luck for what may come!