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The current problems in politics and the economy can be frustrating, but it is important that we do not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by pessimism.
Instead of wallowing in the vale of tears, we should actively campaign for change and seek positive solutions. Politicians should be held accountable and we citizens should be informed and engaged.

In difficult economic times, it is necessary to develop long-term strategies to promote growth and ensure stability. In the context of the European elections, it is particularly important that we realise our responsibility, become politically active and participate in the democratic process.
It is crucial to elect politicians who stand up for the interests of us citizens and are committed to a strong and united European Union.

Through informed and committed voter participation, each and every one of us can help to shape the political landscape and shape the future of Europe. An optimistic spirit and a belief in positive change can help to create an atmosphere of hope and confidence.

By looking forward together as a society, we can develop constructive solutions and create a better future for us all.
I think the sports metropolis of Berlin has made a strong statement here, just in time for the European elections.
APA Brands Events Solutions produced and installed a gigantic banner at the Haus der Statistik today as part of the Host City Berlin campaign!

“Welcome Europe” with the Berlin Bears in the colours of the participating nations of UEFA EURO 2024. I think it has “size”, but it was also a bit airy at this height.
Thanks to Clara Adelfang, who together with her colleagues Ralf Eppert and Jonas Heydt, as the APA project management team Host City Berlin, supervised the installation on site. Thanks to the APA Production & Implementation Team.

Great work in a very short time!