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Today our CEO, Peter Adelfang, had the great honour of congratulating our dedicated “Senior Executive Assistant” Angela Breithausen on her next career step as “Head of Administration & Finance” for her outstanding performance.

Angela Breithausen has been working at APA Brands Events Solutions for two and a half years.
During this time, she has taken part in demanding further training measures and intensive personal coaching sessions with Dr Katja Unkel from Managing People in Switzerland.

Thanks to her dedicated work, she is now ideally prepared for the challenging world at APA.

For our CEO personally, this is one of the most remarkable success stories in APA’s almost 40-year history, as this is only the third appointment to this position.
important position.

It shows the loyalty that colleagues show to APA and for me it reflects the strong sense of togetherness within our team.

To be honest, it must be admitted that the first incumbent, Ute Fergen, would most likely still be in this position today if Peter Adelfang had not married her almost 30 years ago after her 10-year engagement at APA.

Angela Breithausen embodies an impressive mixture of focussed businesswoman and caring mother of two.

With her temperament as a half-Italian, she is perfectly suited to the diverse and dynamic world at APA.

Dear Angela Breithausen, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts on this important step in your career and wish you and all of us continued success and happiness!