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At APA Brands Events Solutions, it is important to us that we also invite people to get together after work from time to time.

The focus here is on promoting a positive and cooperative working environment that extends beyond regular working hours. We naturally encourage employee initiatives, even if the management plays no role in this, because they don’t have to be involved everywhere.

What are our considerations?

Better communication

Informal meetings after work offer a good opportunity for employees and managers to exchange ideas in an informal setting. This improves communication and helps to build better working relationships.

Increasing employee loyalty

By inviting employees after work as owners, we show appreciation for the work and commitment of our colleagues. This strengthens employee loyalty and reduces staff turnover.

Promotion of well-being

We recognise that joint activities outside of working hours reduce stress and improve the well-being of the team.

A balanced relationship between work and social life is important for the health and satisfaction of our dedicated colleagues.

Despite all the stress, we want to laugh together, have lively conversations and simply escape the intense working day of the event business with a good drink and suitable food.

The next extra-corporate get-together will take place on the Rhine for a rowing boat challenge under the guidance of our Neuwied Rowing Club – but more about that when we get into the cool water.