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Being with one employer for such a long time is not uncommon at APA Brands Events Solutions, which has been in business for almost 40 years.

We have in our team



20-year-old &

15-year anniversaries and a large number of them.

Today, our CEO Peter Adelfang had the great pleasure of once again honouring a “25-year-old”:

Klaus Kochems, former chief technician, who has travelled the world and is now our responsible employee in the order picking warehouse.

After an accident through no fault of his own, Klaus Kochems was unable to work for over a year and we looked for ways to reintegrate him into our company.

For us, this is a matter of course, because appreciation is not a one-way street! If you are loyal to APA, our team and our passion, we will stand by you even in difficult times.

Today, Klaus Kochems is an important member of our order picking team and ensures that our events are stocked correctly, neatly and on time.

His experience enables us to supply and equip our customers in an excellent and targeted manner.

25 years is a quarter of a century – more than half a working life – it is passion and attitude – it is passion and enthusiasm and he is a role model for many of his young colleagues.

Many thanks for 25 good years and hopefully many more to come!