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In 2013, we spontaneously gave a young woman who was not happy with her training company the chance to complete her training with us.

Today, a whole decade later, she is our Head of Production.

On 24 November 2023, Eyline Schollenberger celebrates her 10th anniversary with us and that makes us more than proud!

Ms Schollenberger started out as a trainee media designer in digital and print and successfully completed her training in 2014.

It quickly became clear that we were looking at an exceptional talent that we wanted to inspire.

She was integrated into our multimedia team and went through the classic APA Brands Events Solutions school:

Initially as a holiday replacement in prepress and later as an energetic project manager in work preparation.

Her curiosity and interest, as well as a constantly positive development, later made her the project manager of production and for four years now the head of production.

Their many years of experience and high level of expertise deserve our sincere thanks and recognition.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Schollenberger on her 10th anniversary of service and look forward to many more years of successful cooperation.

For APA, then as now, outstanding performance is always rewarded in the end.