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The year 2024 is off to a promising start for us not only as a super sports year – but also in terms of our employer brand. We are among the 5% of the best employers in Germany – and that’s how we did it :

Anyone who knows us knows that we have been turning over every stone three times since the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the associated restrictions, we have also introduced home office and noticed that it works very well for both sides!

Then we thought about it further: Which topics that we previously handled differently also work better than we thought, for the team and for us as an employer. We are therefore all the more delighted to have been awarded the Top Company 2024 award by kununu and we are incredibly proud to receive this recognition.
We owe this seal of quality not only to our commitment and the motivated team behind it, but also to the values that guide us. These are our 3 most important findings:

  • Employee-centered approach
    Invest in your employees and create a positive working environment. A team-oriented, supportive working atmosphere not only promotes satisfaction, but also productivity. We have excellent staff in our team. It is up to us managers to create the best possible working atmosphere for the team.
  • Transparent communication
    Open and transparent communication is the key to trust. Keep your employees up to date on company goals, developments and decisions. This creates an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. Pro-tip: It avoids unnecessary flotsam and jetsam.
  • Promotion of work-life balance
    Make sure that your employees have a healthy work-life balance. Flexibility and the opportunity for personal development help your employees to feel valued and enjoy working for you.

Many thanks to our great team who made this possible! We look forward to continuing to create a positive working environment and to supporting and developing our employees and communicating as equals.