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As a company, it is important to us that our trainees are able to operate correctly in the national and international business arena.

That’s why we decided to give them the opportunity to learn valuable professional etiquette from experienced speakers in three in-house coaching sessions.

Last Friday, the programme started with a training course on proper business etiquette organised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition to the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication and the correct etiquette in the online sector, the focus was particularly on interpersonal interaction in business life.

In a variety of role plays, they learnt how to receive customers, master a business lunch with confidence, make successful small talk and formulate authentic first-person messages for positive communication, because the first impression we make is consciously or unconsciously perceived by our fellow human beings and is also the easiest to train.

They have learnt that only people who are familiar with the rules of etiquette and can apply them confidently can deliberately break them if the situation demands it. Instead of blindly following rigid conventions, the art lies in recognising when it is appropriate to interpret them flexibly.

In the upcoming workshops, they will focus more intensively on the best presentation techniques and effective business communication in order to be optimally prepared for any business situation in their professional future.