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Another Berlin landmark, the Berlin Molecule Man, was completely kitted out by us in the jerseys of the German national team of the DFB as part of the UEFA EURO 2024 for the sponsor Adidas.

A not entirely uncritical endeavour for our APA Brands Events Solutions Implementation Team, as both measuring and installation had to be carried out from the water.

The three-person version of the Molecule Man was erected in May 1999 in Berlin in the Spree between Elsenbrücke and Oberbaumbrücke, one of the interfaces between the reunited West and East Berlin.

The 45-tonne artwork consists of three 30-metre-high human figures made of weatherproof, perforated aluminium plates that face each other and meet in the middle. The double symbolic power exists through the meeting of the districts, but also through the union of molecules of all people, which is necessary for the survival of mankind.

A successful customised jersey that symbolises true quality with the three Adidas stripes.

Thanks to Thomas Merz and his agency act.3 for their trust in this exciting project.

Good luck to our German boys for the opening game.