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Our German boys have once again shown what is possible with their dominant 2-0 win over Hungary! Great, keep it up!

As part of the UEFA EURO 2024 in Berlin, we were once again able to show what we at APA mean by greatness.

Following the successful installation of the Molecule Man and the Haus der Statistik, this time we have chosen one of the landmarks of the Berlin sports metropolis, the
Bell tower, disguised as another “lighthouse project”.

The tower, designed by Egon Eiermann and located in the south-eastern part of the building ensemble, was built between 1959 and 1961, just like the church. As the tallest Eiermann building in the ensemble, at 53.3 metres, it is subordinate to the 71-metre-high tower ruins.

For UEFA sponsor Adidas, we produced a real eye-catcher with large-scale player motifs and wrapped the entire tower.

Our APA Brands Events Solutions ready-to-wear team provided a perfect fit, which our CEO Peter Adelfang and our authorised signatory Sebastian Kunitz were able to inspect!

Thanks also to Thomas Merz from act.3 for the trustful assignment of this project.
For now, good luck to our German national team – let’s go and win the trophy.