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Directly after the exciting #World Cup in Nove Mesto, the male and female skiers will head to beautiful Sweden. Here, both the women’s and men’s sprints will take place on Thursday, the relays of both genders on Saturday and the much-anticipated mass start on Sunday.

Östersund is considered a special challenge for our project team, as we have

  • need to make a seamless transition between #NoveMesto and #Östersund
  • have only 1 ½ days for the construction
  • almost 2000 km distance between the World Cup venues lie
  • Extreme climatic conditions prevail at -15 degrees Celsius

Due to all these challenging factors, our team will travel to Östersund with plenty of manpower in their luggage to be able to cope with the extreme hurdle in terms of time and physical strength. Once again, our XXL-#Band concept, specially developed for the #Biathlon, will be set up to give sponsors the best possible presence.

APA wouldn’t be APA if our team didn’t perform a subsequent overnight dismantling to transport the light bands on time and directly to #Oslo.

Here, as every season, the crowning conclusion of the 2023 biathlon season will then take place.