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After the impressive Special Olympics, the next major multi-sport event took place in Germany.

18 sports,

159 German championship titles

At the DieFinals 2023, completely different disciplines were combined into one mega event, mainly in Düsseldorf and Duisburg, and a whopping 159 championship titles were won.



Apparatus gymnastics

Table tennis





ARD and ZDF showed this high-class event live for more than 25 hours in their main programmes.

Once again it was a special kind of challenge for APA. Our 20-strong APA implementation crew was able to install the TV-optimised setup for signage & branding for “The Finals” in a total of 9 sports venues, including 2 in Berlin and Kassel.

From illuminated banners in the landscape park to pontoons built into the water for archery, it was once again a real challenge in a very short space of time.

Thanks to Hagen Bossdorf and the DieFinals team for the trust they have placed in us over the years!

We are looking forward to 2025 in Dresden, where “The Finals” will be held for the 5th time and the 1st time in Dresden!


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