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At the Petersberg in Bonn in November 1949, Konrad Adenauer and the Allied High Commissioners agreed that the Federal Republic of Germany could establish consular relations with other states and join international organisations.

Just the right place for our annual management workshop with the Management Board.

For the fifth year now, our CEO Sales & Operations Peter Adelfang and CEO Finance Christoph Parbel, together with our Management Board, chaired by our authorised signatory and Director Sales Sebastian Kunitz, our Head of Projects & Operations Thomas Eich and our Head of Procurement & Production Jürgen Vater, are setting the course for the coming financial year.

Questions that the Management Board dealt with on the Petersberg:

  • Social development
  • Inflation and cost pressure
  • Increased performance for customers
  • Motivational kick for employees

Have they found answers to everything?

No, but good thoughts exchanged.

  • Sustainable structures
  • Modern corporate culture
  • More efficient and digital processes
  • Sustainable working

…and we at APA have also realised that we are missing a competent colleague on our management board and already have the right solution up our sleeve – more on that later.

It will be the SUPERSport YEAR that requires our full attention and we need to be prepared for it:

  • Men‘s EHF Euro 2024
  • IBUBiathlon WM 2024
  • UEFA Euro 2024
  • Olympic Games 2024

It is precisely these topics that will spur us on to top performance, because APA Brands Events Solutions is involved everywhere.

What do we take away from our workshop for 2024?

  • Optimum performance
  • High-End Service
  • Great teamwork

We are looking forward to this challenge, it will be exciting and it will be good – our APA team is ready.

This was an important prerequisite for our management board workshop!

NOW is the best TIME

We look forward to the SUPERSportYEAR