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Well, almost – we are actually celebrating a silver anniversary with our long-standing employee Inge Herrmann, who is celebrating her 25th anniversary at APA Brands Events Solutions this year, as APA will be celebrating its “Ruby Garnet Emerald Wedding” in 2025 with 40 years of service

In 2008 it was said:

‘We will be delighted if you decide to complete 20 years at our company’ Today, in 2023, we can already look back on a proud 25 years since Inge Herrmann began her career at APA.

During this impressive period, she has established herself as an indispensable pillar in the back office.

On a daily basis, she not only keeps track of our finances and accounts, but also plays a key role in ensuring that APA maintains its reputation as a reliable and successful company. It is employees like Inge Herrmann who shape our identity and embody the values of our company.

We would like to congratulate Inge Herrmann on her 25 years with the company with deep respect and heartfelt congratulations.

We greatly appreciate the past years and look forward to experiencing more valuable years of cooperation with you.