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Yesterday evening, the first home match and friendly against the Netherlands took place in Frankfurt.

With the European Championships just around the corner, this match was a crucial preparation for our national team, who will soon be competing against the top teams in Europe.
After the impressive 2:0 victory against France on Saturday, Germany’s eyes turned eagerly to Deutsche Bank Park.

The Netherlands took the lead in the fourth minute, but it didn’t last long! Mittelstädt scored a spectacular goal in the 11th minute to equalise – accompanied by the epic goal anthem Major Tom!

And when Füllkrug scored the decisive 2:1 in the 85th minute with a millimetre-perfect header, the stadium literally exploded with enthusiasm – the euphoria for the European Championship reached new heights!

What a successful start to the German home year! The team’s dynamic play is bursting with new energy and allows us to look forward with confidence to the upcoming matches from 14 June.

For this international match, we also had the honour of giving the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium the DFB international match glamour and equipping it for the fans on site as well as for the live TV broadcast.