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On 7 April, it was that time again: the 43rd edition of the Berlin Half Marathon brought together professional athletes and amateurs who wanted to compete on the streets of Berlin. World champion Andre Schürrle and legendary presenter Kai Pflaume also went head-to-head.

In addition to the classic running competition, inline skaters, handbikers and wheelchair users also ventured onto the 21.0975 km course, albeit at different times.

There was a special innovation this year: since 2024, the Berlin Half Marathon has been part of the Super Halfs series, a European running series that also includes the metropolises of Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia.

Only the routes with the most beautiful course and the highest popularity status are included in this series. Participants who manage to complete all six runs in any order within 36 months will receive a Super Medal and be added to the Super Half Wall of Fame.

This year’s Generali Half Marathon was won by the Kenyan top favourite Daniel Ebenyo and the Ethiopian newcomer Tekle Muluat, even though the summer weather dashed any hopes of a record time this year.

We had the privilege of staging this exciting race in Berlin for the spectators along the course and are already looking forward to the upcoming BMW Berlin Marathon in late summer.