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Yesterday APA Senior Project Manager Sales & Operations and today already APA Team Leader.

This sounds quite fast and above all unspectacular, but it is not!

In the course of the #APA #NextLevel #2030 concept, last week we announced the appointment of @Sebastian Kunitz as an authorized signatory, and today we are moving straight on:

#RalfEppert and @Kim Gehrmann were appointed #teamleaders after 13 and 10 years of service.

Basically, it seems like a long period of time, but in reality it is not.

Before that, they went through the APA Career Academy:
  • Junior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Team Leader

In the meantime, we have provided them with two important further training measures:

  • 2.5 years Leadership Development Program
  • 1 year Leaders Academy

Sounds like a great investment – and it was!

Both financially for APA, but also enormously in terms of time from the two “freshly minted” executives Ralf Eppert and Kim Gehrmann.

“Win Win” for both sides.

@APA will continue to train employees and help them make a career in a company which, despite its almost 40-year existence, is more of a dinosaur in the international event industry, but has remained young in its corporate philosophy and culture.

For this, we thank all our employees who challenge us every day, but we challenge them too.

For now, we wish our new APA team leaders, Ralf Eppert and Kim Gehrmann, a happy hand in their special responsibility to lead our great Sales & Operations team.